Friday, 26 October 2012



The beauty about doing a morning show on a radio station that allows you to play the music you love is that you get to share the music you love with your listeners. Red River Radio and the Morning Hike with John and Mike are no exceptions. This year I have had the privilege to wake up every morning, bike to school which is about 15 minutes, and then jam out to some of my favorite music for two hours.  Could life get any better?

I also get to talk to a very funny guy every morning, Mike Cuma.  The guy tells a funny story.

I want to pass on some advice that a wise lady shared with me earlier today. Cathy Hanson is a radio instructor at Red River College. I spoke with Cathy today about my show in search of feedback on how I could tighten it up and make things better. The message Cathy left me with is so simple, but I feel important to share with anyone interested in radio.

So today when I sat down with Cathy, she said you guys are doing great, you're just being yourself and that's funny. You guys aren't gimmicky or cheesy at all, which is exactly what your listeners want. She said you boys are authentic. Wow what I compliment I thought.  Not only did this make me feel good but it made me appreciate why I love doing my radio show so much, because it allows me to be me.

My big sister Emily bought me tickets to the Bahamas show on Tuesday, she must listen to my show because she knows I like Bahamas a ton. #respect

I hope you enjoy the track.


  1. We wouldn't have you any other way. Very glad the John Conklin we know and love is the same John Conklin we hear every morning over the airwaves on The Hike. Keep it up, buddy.

  2. Authenticity is rarer and rarer all the time - which is why we respond so positively when we encounter it. Nice job, guys!