Friday, 2 March 2012

The broken vase

Dear blog,


Was all I heard late Wednesday evening when I returned home from my hockey game. I was bumbling in through the doors of my apartment when my hockey stick tipped over the nice vase on the counter.


I should mention that this vase was a gift to someone who lives in my building, a nice lady who is always pleasant to bump into in the halls or laundry room. She had decided to place a vase on a table right at the entrance with a nice little bouquet of flowers.

Yes it looks nice. No I wasn't be careless, I was just being a little bit thoughtless.

As I gently tapped the vase with my hockey stick, I noticed the vase had started to make its plunge to the unforgiving tile floor. I tried desperately in a panic to stop the vase with my leg, and pushed my leg up against the table that the vase was sitting on, and circus balanced it back and fourth for a few seconds before the lovely decoration met its fate.


That's what the moral of this blog post is, if you break it you buy it. When I talked with the lady who owned the vase she explained to me that the vase was very precious, and that she had received it as a gift. This sentiment never makes you feel good about yourself, because no one likes being the barer of bad news. We made an agreement that she would go vase shopping this upcoming weekend and find a suitable replacement for her prized possession.

I can only hope and wait that this ladies taste in vases isn't expensive. How much can they really cost? I guess I will soon find out. But from the research I have done they can range from over 100 bucks to less than 10.

Fingers crossed 

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