Thursday, 5 January 2012

Usually I post a recipe about simple home cooked delicious fare however today I'm going to write about a place I like to eat at in Winnipeg. My favourite restaurant in Winnipeg is easily the Bonfire Bistro. You may be asking yourself what is the Bonfire Bistro or more importantly where is the Bonfire Bistro. Well those are both good questions.

First of all the Bonfire Bistro is located in the heart of River Heights on Corydon Ave between Waterloo and Niagara St and across from the also delicious Greek Market. The Bonfire Bistro has a lovely wood burning oven which gives a large portion of their food a wood smoky taste (hence the name). Bonfire Bistro is a sister restaurant to the popular Cafe Carlo Which is located on Lilac St between Corydon and McMillan Ave. Bonfire, is the more casual of the two although it still serves up some real tasty treats.

When at Bonfire make sure to try a pizza and don't hesitate to share one as an appetizer so you can enjoy a dinner entree. Personally,  I love the Paella but everything is good and made fresh here so if you're hungry dive right in. The portions are large and the prices are reasonable, which is perfect for the bargain savvy type. I think this is a must try for anyone interested in deliciousness.  

I think that is all I have to say about the Bonfire Bistro for now but I do want to add that it is locally owned and the service is very pleasant. Everything about the place is easy going so next time you feel like relaxing head down to River Heights and check out this gem of a bistro.


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