Friday, 11 November 2011

Remembering and making corn chowder.

Friday November 11, was a day to remember all of those who have fought for our freedoms. It was also a chilly day and a perfect day to make corn chowder. My favorite cooking pal Shaun Ursall, picked me up after I attended a Remembrance day service at Valor Rd. Corn chowder had been the topic of discussion the previous week so we thought we should go ahead and give it a shot. This recipe is extremely easy to prepare and very cost effective, less than 5 dollars per liter. The total of all the ingredients was 50 bucks and we produced 11 liters plus the 2 bowls we ate before dividing up rest of the chowder. 

3 Tbl spoon olive oil
1 Pound of carrots (rough chopped)
2 Onions (rough chopped)
200 Grams of double smoked bacon (rough chopped)
2 pounds of red potatoes (rough chopped)
1 Pound of gound chicken
1 pound of ground turkey
1 Tbl spoon chili powder
1 Tbl spoon Lemon herb season
1 Tbl spoon vegatble seasoning
1 Tbl spoon of driend basil
1 tbl spoon celery salt
1 tbl of onion powder
3 pounds of frozen corn
½ liter of milk
½ liter of whipping cream (35%)

 Believe it or not we just started throwing everything in a big pot and brought it to a boil and waited for the potatoes to cook. Add salt and pepper to taste and you’ve got yourself one tasty chowder. You can enjoy this chowder with some nice bread and butter. Another great thing about this chowder is that it freezes well.

 Next week we’re back to our old tricks again and will be preparing lasagna; however we have chosen to make white lasagna with chicken and mushroom this time. 
Here's a little jingle to get you in the mood for a little Italian.  

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  1. This looks delicious, John!

    Can't wait to try your lasagna at the Christmas party. :)