Friday, 16 September 2011

Teemu Salami just got Big City!

Many restaurants use social media in order to promote their business. Twitter is another medium of communication available for individuals as well as business’s and in many cases can be interconnected. Since I’m new to twitter and blogging I have decided to follow three specific Twitter accounts related to food which is the purpose of my blog. I am following Chef Alex who is head chef and owner of 7 ¼ Bistro located in south Osborne. Everytime I’ve been there I left extremely satisfied. Buccacino’s, I served there for over a year and they have contests and menu updates through Twitter. I am also following Winnipeg_Food on Twitter. I can’t exactly pinpoint what Winnipeg_Food is all about yet however I thought I would give it a shot because I’m learning the Twitter universe. I believe that it’s important for me to inform you that I was skeptical about joining Twitter at first, and let you know that now that I am on Twitter I’ve really had a change of heart and am appreciating all the neat people/things I can connect with.
On the topic of food I would like to inform my readers that I have BIG plans for this blog. I discussed with my friend Shaun Ursall last night about our agenda and it looks like we’re going to be serving up some tasty dishes. Here is a list of what you can expect from us in the future.
Canadian style pea soup
Pulled Pork
Spaghetti Sauce
I do want to add that we made a very nice curry dish last night and I will be posting pictures and blogging about that as soon as Shaun sends them to me. For those of you who aren’t aware of who Shaun Ursall is he was head chef and manager at Bonfire Bistro on Corydon in the River Heights area for the past 4 years and is an extremely talented chef. I am very thrilled to have Shaun on board and would like to give him a shout out for the good times and delicious eats.


  1. You might also want to follow @shelzolkewich -- a local writer and foodie (and, I believe, acquaintance of Chef Alex's).