Saturday, 11 February 2012

Why I should never own a cat

My love hate relationships with animals goes back as far as I can remember. Growing up in the Winnipeg neighbourhood of Wolseley there was never a shortage of cats on the streets. My family in fact had two cats, Rosie and Rumpel. Rumpel was that cat that all other cats feared on the mean streets of Wolseley. Rumpel was a predator, who on many occasions would come home proudly with his latest catch, usually a bird or small rodent of some kind. Rosie was friendlier and everybody's favourite cat on my block. She was lazy, and did the things you expect a cat to do like lay around and wait for people to make a fuss over her as she relaxed in cozy nooks she found in the shade and sun.

Having cats growing up you would think that I would appreciate their company. This is a false assumption because I never enjoyed the purring and cuddliness of their character. In fact I am allergic to cats and become quite grumpy in the presence of these feline creatures. My eyes begin to water and my skin becomes extremely itchy. Are my parents bad unthoughtful people well the answer is no, they're kind and generous souls who have always wanted the best for their youngest child. They do however enjoy the company of an animal companion and bask in the soothing indulgence these felines offer. I am still surrounded by cats at all of my family dinners and at many of my friends homes. People love cats, I can't stand them. Cuddly warm creatures yes, annoying needy and plenty of work is also some words I would use to describe them.

I may be bitter because I am currently stuffed up and experiencing the negative side effects that come with being around cats. This is unpleasant and my character can be related to that of Scrooge or the Grinch when I am in the presence of one of these adorable creatures.

This is why I should never own a cat, not because I don't like cats but because they make me unhappy.

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